Do sliders suck?

12 July , 2013

Just about every new site has some form of jQuery slider, scrolling along, sucking up resources and slowing page loading times.

So why are people - and it is generally marketing people so enamoured of the sliders?

Is it because it is seen as a democratic way of making sure as many products or segments are covered on the homepage or wherever as possible?

The reality is, sliders add bloat to a website.

Most rely on jQuery and the slider script. Also, most sliders load all of the images or other information that is to be displayed in the slider on the initial page load. So if your slider is 1000px by 600px, and you have four images in the rotation, you are loading four huge images on that page load.

That better be some valuable content in those sliders, or you are wasting valuable time before your page properly loads. What happens when your page takes more time to load? People leave before looking at anything at all, much less your fancy slider.

I still have a slider on my site, but the day is closing in when it goes.

There are uses for sliders, but most aren't really justifiable.

A comment I read pretty well sums up my view on sliders, " Sliders are one of those things that clients see and unfortunately thing are “necessary” for a homepage. It’s our job as designers to dissuade them if that’s not the case."


What do you think?

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