Lilydale website

3 January , 2014

Lilydale (free range chicken people) launched their new, Webtactics build, website recently.

Lilydale (free range chicken) website

Designed by their ad agency, and built by Webtactics, the site is now responsive (a few teething problems as the design wasn't designed with a responsive website in mind, but the client did want a responsive site).

We built the site on the open source CMS platform, CMSMS (CMS made simple: which is a bit of a favourite around here.

For the front end, we used Foundation 3 ( code, as the site, well, needed to be responsive but also work on the bane of all developers, IE8. We also tend to like Foundation  - the code is clean, and not too cluttered with plugins and extras.

Due to the image heavy nature of the design, we are using Cloudflare ( to boost site performance and so far, all is good.

Be interesting to look back on this one in a year and so and see how it stands up. 

Have a look at ands let us know your thoughts.

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