Still using IE 8? Change browsers now!

28 April , 2014

I don't wish online security problems on anyone, but if you are still using older versions of Internet Explorer, change NOW.

IE8 bug

A recently exposed bug in all Internet Explorer (IE) browsers is (or should be at least) a particular concern to the least “tech savvy” users who are still running the Win XP and IE 8 combination.

With Microsoft stopping support for Win XP earlier this month, this is the first major bug that will go unfixed on older systems.

"This is the first critical Internet Explorer exploit that will not be fixed for Windows XP users ever," said Bogdan Botezatu, a senior analyst at security firm Bitdefender. "This exploit will stay working forever – until [Windows XP users] move to a different operating system."

Well, maybe not, Bogdan.

Maybe, just maybe, these users could move to a better browser?

It's so simple, just go to Chrome or Firefox and download a new, free, browser. Problem – well, this one at least - solved.

The upside? Apart from having a secure, useable browser, of course.

Users general web experience will improve so dramatically they may reconsider upgrading the computer they presently use. In a general sense, Win XP is fine, for basic use, as long as you don't use IE 8.

IE 8 does not support media queries, the css (cascading style sheet) system that allows responsive design, driving developers mad, as we need to build for the lowest common dominator.

There are also a raft of other “web standards” that IE 8 fails to implement.

Basically, just about anything cool, or handy on the modern web, isn't so cool or handy if you use IE 8.

Sadly the people who most need to see, and heed messages like this, won't see them, as they are hardly the people reading tech blogs or sections.

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