Effective Email Campaigns?

Effective Email Campaigns

Just how effective are your email campaigns?

Email campaigns can be a boon to search, customer retention and loyalty and if properly managed, sales. However unless you're an expert, there is a lot of poor information in the sector.

Whilst email and e-newsletter marketing is rapidly expanding, with most companies at least dabbling in the email marketing (EDM's ), finding decent and reliable metrics is very difficult.

There is a mass of information telling companies how to increase their open and click-through rates, but very little on actual results. Getting concrete email success or failure rate data is much harder than you would expect. And I suppose this is understandable.

Most companies guard their results very closely. Nobody really wants to be found wanting, or give away any advantage.

That said, the generally accepted email marketing industry standards are that in order for a email marketing campaign to be considered effective it must have a delivery rate of 80% to 85% and an open rate of 35%.

Open rates are low because many email clients do not allow reporting.

There appears to be no real standard for click-through rates. By click-through rates (CTR), I mean, clicking on a link within the email that takes you to an external webpage.

I tend to use these parameters for larger email and e-newsletter campaigns (larger being more than one thousand recipients) as smaller campaigns should produce better results.

The argument being that smaller databases are by nature, better targeted.

It is also important to remember that just because an email or newsletter is showing in the unopened results, it doesn't mean that it is unread.

The only way to tell if an email has been opened is if there is a request back to the originating server for information. Many recipients will read an email, take note of the content, but not download the images, or click on any links.

This doesn't mean the email was of little value. Some email clients and operating systems also do not allow reporting. Some smartphone's fall into this category.

And here are some other semi-useful things webtactics have found with email or e-newsletters.

Send them on a Monday or Friday if possible. The research is showing clear trends that emails sent on a Monday have the best chance of being opened. Fridays come in second.

Generally CTR are decreasing over the years as more and more companies flood in-boxes. This is why I feel having the email content be relevant and inviting is more important than ever.

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