BrandAsset Consulting goes online

BrandAsset Consulting goes online

BrandAsset Consulting is a company that knows all about brands.

That's what they do. It's why they chose webtactics to built their website. It's all about the branding.

And the execution of course. Looking good can only take you so far. Hear that wannabe starlets?

We were given a pretty tight timeframe, limited graphics (read logo and that's about it) and asked to develop a CMS website with a minimal design. Sure, there were some other constraints. The design wouldn't immediately show its age, be easy to use, have all the necessary social media links and RSS syndication.


We like it.

Like any site, I'd make changes. I think the internal pages work better than the home page. I'd like to make the homepage slightly wider, as most people now use larger monitors. But the client loves it, and as BrandAsset Consulting is part of an advertising agency, design is a big deal to them.

The site will rank well with inbuilt organic search. It's logical and works.

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