Pay for what you need. Nothing more.

When you use Webtactics Emai pricing is really very simple: you only pay when you send an email campaign to more than 5 people.

webtactics Email pricing
  • No setup charges
  • No monthly costs
  • Just a flat delivery fee of $10, plus 2 cents for each recipient

So to send an email to 500 people would cost $10.00 plus (500 x $.02), just $20. Please note, all prices are in AUS dollars.

We have a reasonably extensive template gallery, that makes using Webtactics Email very very easy.

Simply add your logo and address and away you go. If you can type, you can send quality, trackable, and reportable HTML emails.


However if you would prefer a specialised and tailored template, we can do that for you too. This template is then tested and proofed, loaded into your account and away you go.

Or you can create your own.

So, that's it. Manageable, gorgeous, workable HTML emails, at minimal cost.

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